Gathered at Home delivers style and function to your doorstep! This a box of new, handmade and vintage items selected and created for a specific space in your home. 

Gathered at HOME carefully selects, creates and assembles the pieces into a unified styled vignette for you!  

The box mimics the style of Gathered B&W, and follows the shop's  vision of creating something unique for her customers, all while supporting local artists and discovering the art in vintage pieces. Each box has 5-6 items and includes professionally photographed pictures of various ways you can display your styled vignette. No work, just unwrap, follow the photo and viola- instant style! Follow a different photo every couple months and you have a completely different look! 

Our boxes will be available to purchase for a limited time and delivered for a flat rate of $14 or you have the option of picking up in the shop! We will have a different style box available every 3 months! This box retails over $125, but the cost to you is $99!  Or you can subscribe at a discount for a whole year of styled goodness at a rate of $89/box! Enjoy a styled space in your home with new, handmade and vintage items all while supporting local communities and artists.



The Bookshelf Box

Spring 2019


The Winter Box